Telehealth Appointment


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​​​​​Telehealth with is a confidential video appointment approved by most insurances for medical care.  Nothing is ever recorded or saved.  

Available for many types of visits, including:
* Medication checks/refills  * Mental health 

* Medicare Annual Wellness Visits * Follow-ups for Diabetes  * Dermatological issues (rashes, cuts, etc.) * Blood work can be scheduled later.

You must call the clinic to schedule a virtual visit.

1. Before your appointment, gather appropriate information (for example medications, records from relevant doctor visits, etc.). Also get something to write with.
2. Take any appropriate measurements (for example, weight, blood pressure, temperature, etc.).
3. 5-10 minutes before your appointment time, access your device, such as iPhone, computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad. You will need a device with a camera, microphone, and good internet connection.
4. Open Safari, Chrome, or Firefox web browser.
(not internet explorer or edge)
5. Type in[doctor’s initials] or simply click the appropriate link below.

Alicia Dagli = AD         (
Hakan Dagli = HD       (
Carolyn Dalldorf = CD (
Bela Giese = BG         (
Warren Quillian = WQ (

6. On the sign-in page, type your name. Click the “Check in” button. Click the option to enable your camera and microphone.
7. Now you are in the “waiting room.” When the doctor is ready to see you, you and your doctor will be able to see and hear each other.