Pantops Family Medicine, A Division of Anchor Healthcare, PLC

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Sick Visits & Chronic Conditions: Strep, Flu, Upper Respiratory Illness, Abdominal Pain, Rashes, Urinary Tract Infections, Injuries, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, High Cholesterol, Thyroid Disease, Allergies, GERD and more.

Well Child Check-ups: Infants, Kindergarten, Sports and Camp Physicals
Preventative Visits: For all ages. Immunizations including flu vaccines, pneumonia vaccines, Tetanus/pertussis, Shingles, Children's vaccines, Traveler's vaccines/counseling.

Sports Medicine: Common Injuries, Ailments, Physicals
Mental Health and Wellness: Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorders, Stress
Women's Health: Pap smears, Breast exams, Midlife issues
Dermatology: Common Skin Problems, Rashes, Biopsies, Lesion Removal, Laceration Repair, Wart and Skin Tag Removal
Laboratory Services Blood draws, Microscopy, EKG's, Hearing tests, Vision Screening, Pregnancy tests, Urine tests and more

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Medicare (not accepting new Medicare patients)

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We are not accepting any NEW Medicare or Humana patients.