Pantops Family Medicine, A Division of Anchor Healthcare, PLC

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​   How to prepare for your first visit?
   Please print out and complete the following forms.
    If you would like your prior medical records forwarded to us, please fill out the release of information form and send to  your prior physician's office. This may take several weeks to receive.

   Did you know if you are over 18 years old we need your permission to share your health information with your family or partner? If you would like to give us permission please print and sign the Authorization for Compound Release.

     What to bring:
  1. Photo ID/Driver's License
  2. Insurance card  (If your insurance requires a PCP, please make sure to change it to one of our physicians.)
  3. Your medications (Please bring the medication bottles)
  4. Any forms you may need filled out (examples: school forms, work forms)
  5. Pediatric Patients:  A Copy of Prior Immunizations
  6. If you have a morning appointment, you may want to come in fasting (nothing by mouth 8 hours prior to appointment. However, water and non-caloric beverages are encouraged).​​