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VACCINE: We have received our first shipment of the  Moderna Covid -19 vaccine. 

We are following the VDH guidelines and are scheduling 1a, 1b and 1c patients.  If you have not heard from us yet please give us a call so we may schedule you.

The supply is very limited and the VDH does not guarantee a continuing weekly supply but we are optimistic.  

Other options: Make sure to register with the state wide Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine registration. This helps determine how many vaccines are provided to our Blue Ridge Health District.

COVID 19 TestingWe have rapid testing and PCR testing available.

Appointment options for nonvaccination medical visit:
In an effort to serve our patients and be cognizant of the spread of COVID-19 we have significantly changed our policies and procedures. Three types of visits are available.

1. All private insurance companies and medicare allow 
Virtual Visits which are covered just like an office visit. Simply call the office and we can schedule you for a virtual-visit with your doctor at Pantops Family Medicine. We currently use Doxy.me.  

2.  Carside visits available for patients that have possible infections, need COVID-19 testing, or do not wish to come into the clinic.  Call the office and set up an appointment time. When you arrive pull into a numbered reserve parking space to the right of the front door.  Then call from the parking lot to check-in and we'll come out to you at your vehicle.

3. In-Clinic Appointments: For patients that need or want to be seen in the traditional sense in the clinic we have made significant changes.  We are following strict precautions and limiting the number of patients in the building.  We have also upgraded the building air filtration system to prevent circulation of airborne pathogens including COVID-19.