COVID 19 testing: 

1. For suspected current illness: We continuing to test patients with any symptoms for COVID-19 at our clinic with the PCR swab test.

Symptoms of COVID-19- fatigue, fevers, chills, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell, new cough, diarrhea, rash on hands or feet.

2.For past infection testing: We offer the IgG blood test for individuals who suspect they may have had an infection in the past. 

Appointment Options

In an effort to serve our patients and be cognizant of the spread of COVID-19 we have significantly changed our policies and procedures. Three types of visits are available.

1. All private insurance companies and medicare allow 
Virtual Visits which are covered just like an office visit. Simply call the office and we can schedule you for a virtual-visit with your doctor at Pantops Family Medicine. We currently use  

2.  For patients that need a hands on exam (possible fractures, abdominal pain) who want to avoid stepping into the clinic we can have a  modified outdoor visit at the clinic. Call the office and set up a time and after you arrive call from the parking lot to check-in and we'll come out to you at your vehicle.

3.  For patients that need or want to be seen in the traditional sense in the clinic we have made significant changes.  We now have a divided clinic with separate outdoor entrances to separate patient with respiratory symptoms from non-respiratory symptoms.   Patients with respiratory illnesses will initially be assessed and treated at their vehicles.  If necessary they will be masked and escorted through a separate outdoor entrance to the isolation room.


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